Even with their sister’s overeager meddling, Maud eventually chooses to settle during the Ponyville, stepping into a jewel cave close to the community

Even with their sister’s overeager meddling, Maud eventually chooses to settle during the Ponyville, stepping into a jewel cave close to the community

On the occurrence The latest Current of Maud Cake, Maud match Pinkie Cake from inside the Manehattan to commemorate their annual «Cake Sisters’ Treat Change Day», where it spend the day sightseeing with her and you will change merchandise from the sunset. During her stay static in Manehattan, Maud mainly conveys interest in material-associated one thing, and you will she temporarily demonstrates a talent to have ice skating.

From inside the current change, Maud gets Pinkie good cardboard container from cupcake-scented confetti, and you may she obtains an alternate stone pouch to take her animals Boulder when you look at the. Yet not, whenever she finds out one Pinkie obtained the new pouch in return for this lady dear party canon, Maud productivity the latest pouch to find the cannon straight back. She including tells Pinkie you to long lasting she gets having Cake Sisters’ Treat Exchange Time, she will treasure it enough time as it’s given out out of love.

Season 7

Into the Dependable Friendship, Maud produces the lady rocktorate inside material research, additionally the name of «doctor», and takes into account relocating to Ponyville to help the girl studies. As Pinkie shows this lady what Ponyville has to offer, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and you will securities along with her more than stones and you can kite-flying.

An effective flashback regarding occurrence demonstrates that Maud unknowingly assisted Starlight on her behalf way to starting this lady village out-of cutie draw-smaller horses, directing the woman in the direction of the new cave where she would contain the cutie marks out-of their followers.

Inside the Strange Thread, while in the Sunburst’s stop by at Ponyville, Maud will get household members having your using their mutual demand for geology. She later assists your get together again having Starlight Glimmer when she seems omitted during his check out.

Seasons seven

On Maud Couples, Maud introduces Pinkie to help you her date Mudbriar. Their actions and quirks really log in to Pinkie’s nerves, to the point where Pinkie is unable to rationalize how or as to the reasons Maud likes him. Immediately following benefiting from recommendations off the woman other sisters Limestone and you can Marble, Pinkie throws with Mudbriar while the the guy can make Maud pleased, and the three celebrate Maud’s birthday together with her.

During the Phony They ‘Til You make They, Maud tends to make good cameo among the potential ponies Rarity requires to run the woman Manehattan shop, Rarity To you personally. Maud refuses, however, ways Fluttershy, and a lesser the quantity, Boulder https://datingranking.net/filipino-dating/. Throughout the Breakup Falter, Maud appears getting together with Mudbriar throughout Hearts and you will Hooves Big date (through its dogs Boulder and you may Twiggy with an identical time).

Within just Principals, Starlight Glimmer hires Maud to-be a short-term replacement teacher during the the school out of Friendship. For the Yakity-Sax, Maud transports all of Pinkie’s homes back again to the fresh new Cake family members stone farm down seriously to Pinkie temporarily moving to Yakyakistan. Whenever Pinkie’s nearest and dearest you will need to ask the girl what are you doing, she provides overly-literal remedies for the inquiries.

Most readily useful Provide Previously

On the escape special My Absolutely nothing Horse Better Current Actually ever, Maud seems celebrating Hearth’s Home heating Eve along with her and you may Applejack’s family members, and you will Mudbriar. Whenever Pinkie asks her, Limestone and you can Marble to help the girl like the ultimate current for Twilight, Maud means providing the girl a rock, even with Pinkie doubting one to Twilight do need a rock.

Season nine

For the Sparkle’s Eight, Maud appears temporarily just like the a great «specialist» to assist that have Twilight’s heist, enabling Applejack to split a stone from the looking the weakest room.

Into the College student Counsel, Maud and you may Mudbriar put an associate because of their family members in order to celebrate the latest Spring Solstice. Inside the cluster, Terramar turns up, asking for help wanting his brother Silverstream. Inside the research, the group encounter a flock regarding Cockatrices, causing Mudbriar are looked to stone (that makes him more desirable in the Maud’s sight). Just after Silverstream is situated, having domesticated a great Cockatrice she titled «Edith», Maud hesitantly requests for Mudbriar becoming recovered to normal.